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The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator is a revolutionary green solution that kills and eliminates soft bodied insects, molds and mildews on your indoor or outdoor gardens. Eliminator is a proprietary formula, hand crafted to ensure quality control. Professional Growers use it all year to ensure pest free, mildew free plants. Many of them have told us that they realized an increase in yields by not having to combat pests and mildews with toxic or oil based products and that as a preventative they did not see any pests or mildews even up to the day of harvest.

The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator can be used preventively or to eliminate active infestations. However, for best results it should be used before infestations are severe. It can be applied as a foliar spray, soil drench, soil amendment, seed treatment and transplant dip. When used as a foliar spray, this product needs to make full contact with the pest in order to be effective, but once it does it kills and eliminates all life stages by interfering with the pest's ability to breath and fatally breaking down proteins and organic materials in pest eggs. It also acts as a deterrent when you create a barrier at the bottom of your plants. Citric acid catalyzes mold and mildew control by digesting the biomass of the pathogen and altering the pH to create an environment hostile to new growth.

  • OMRI listed under Crop Pest, Weed and Disease Control.
  • No growth stage limitations. Can be used in all growing stages, including on flowering plants and the flowers themselves.
  • No Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI).
  • Can be added to nearly any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.
  • Will not clog stomata as oil-based sprays may do.
  • Non-GMO, gluten free and made with food-grade ingredients.
  • Non-bacterial proprietary formulation.
  • Can be used from seed through post-harvest. Leaves no harmful residue.
  • Can be sprayed into cracks and crevices on walls, ceilings and floors for indoor or greenhouse growing.
  • Suitable for cleaning equipment and tools.
  • No special clothing or handling required.

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