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SNS 217 and SNS 217C are equally powerful in their effect on a spider mite population, which one you choose should only be dependent on your specific needs in your growing situation. Using food grade rosemary extracts and oils, these products will kill adult spider mites and prevent their eggs from hatching. The natural salts and fatty acids derived from the rosemary disrupt the insect cell structure and the permeability of its membranes; this will quickly cause the insect to dehydrate and die. Additionally, once eggs are coated with the oily liquid, their respiration will be blocked and they will perish without hatching. The plant will absorb some of the components of these products, which will the form a barrier to any additional mites that may try to feed on it.

  • Can be used on delicate new growth, clones, tomatoes and roses.
  • Exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticides (FIFRA section 25b)
  • No restricted entry level (REI)
  • May be used up to the day prior to harvest.
Suggested Uses: Use to kill and repel adult spider mites and to prevent hatching of their eggs

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