Monterey Complete Disease RTU 32oz

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The active ingredient in this OMRI listed, broad spectrum preventative biofungicide/bactericide is Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747. This product can be used as a spray to foliage and fruit or as a drench to plant roots. When used as a soil drench, this naturally occurring bacterium goes straight to the plant's roots, where it will establish itself and grow. This colonization prevents the establishment of disease-carrying bacteria and fungi. When used as a foliar spray, this bacterium will overcome any pathogenic spores present. Spray application is suggested for those diseases affecting leaves, fruit and flowers - anything above ground. Drench application is favored for diseases affecting roots, tubers or any other part that comes in contact with the soil. For best results, it is recommended that plants be treated at the first signs of disease or before disease development. Monterey Complete Disease Control can be applied up to and including the day of harvest.

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