MK Minerals Pelletized Hi-Calcium Limestone 40Lb

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Use to build and maintain a picture-perfect lawn, brightly colored blooming flowers, increased garden yields and deep-colored shrubs and trees.

  • Rapid release for immediate action.
  • All natural product. Safe for children and pets.
  • Provides lawn and soil the essential nutrient Calcium. Promotes a denser, greener lawn.
  • Produces vigorous growth, lush vegetables and lasting blooms.
  • Converts non-available nutrients into available by correcting soil acidity.
  • Increases soil microbial activity.
  • Easy, accurate and virtually dust-free application.
  • Improves fertilizer availability on acid soils.

This product is not intended as a fertilizer substitute. It is non-burning when applied as directed.

The severity of soil acidity has a major influence on nutrient availability. An annual soil test is recommended to determine the balance of nutrients in the soil.

Calcium 33.0%   Magnesium 0.7%   Calcium Carbonate Equiv. 87.0%   Water Soluble Binder 2.0%   Moisture (Max) 4.0%   Total Carbonates 85.0%

Derived from mined Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate, also contains non-plant food ingredient 2% Lignosulfonates as a binding agent


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