Milwaukee pH 600 Digital Meter

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Milwaukee PH 600 pH meter for water

pH Tester with 1 point manual calibration, ± 0.2 pH accuracy, range: 0.0 pH to 14.0 pH. Full-range pH tester. 30-day warranty, snap-over protective case, 7.01 calibration solution, and calibration screwdriver are all included with unit.

The calibration procedure is very simple and fast.

The tester has a manual calibration of 1 point, an accuracy of ± 0.1 pH and a range of 0.0 to 14.0 pH.

The PH600 is packed in a plastic package with a calibration screwdriver, batteries and instructions.

Measuring range: 0.0 - 14.0 pH

Resolution: 0.1 pH

Device accuracy: /-0.2 pH; /- 0.1 pH (20 ºC / 68º F )

Power supply: 3 x 1.5V batteries

Operating conditions: 0-50º C ( 32º F-122º F )

Dimensions: 150 x 30 x 24 mm

The meter requires kcl liquid storage.

Weight: 85 g

No calibration fluids included

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