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Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus contains a unique and consistent formulation of live beneficial microbes that is shelf stable at room temperature.  Microbe Life products and cultures are proven; Ecological Laboratories is the original manufacturer of inoculants with 40 plus years of experience safely manufacturing microbial products.  These microbes work to increase soil health and diversity, stimulate root growth, make fertilizer and nutrient uptake much more efficient etc. There are no chemical replacements for the benefits that the living microbes in Microbe Life products bring to plant growth and health! This probiotic formulation is 100% natural, non-GMO, non-composted controlled and known microbes made from pure cultures.  These same products are used by the top professional growers in the rapidly expanding medicinal and hemp industries as well as for backyard gardens to sophisticated and basic hydroponic or soilless systems.  Microbe Life products are the choice of the top pros in the industry!

Photosynthesis Plus is the only product available with third-party verified photosynthetic, first trophic-level bacteria that increase plant photosynthesis and biological function, transporting the sun's energy and speeding carbon sequestration in the soil and plants at much improved rates!  WIth high counts of micorbes, this product does not contain a humic acid component.

The culture in this product is fermented over six days, resulting in an ecosystem in a bottle. Ecological Laboratories, Inc. is the only worldwide manufacturer of a photosynthetic bacterial ecosystem that is shelf-stable for at least 2 years. This same culture is used on tens of thousands of acres of food crops and by professional indoor medicinal and hemp growers worldwide.  

Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus Benefits

  • The only biological with third-party verified photosynthetic microbial cultures that utilizes the sun’s energy and transports nutrients and carbon to the plant at much improved uptake and utilization rates.
  • Promotes plant vigor and health.
  • The original industry leader in controlled inoculants with 40-Plus Years of Proven Manufacturing Experience.
  • Works well with all nutrient/fertilizer programs and all soil and soil-less media including Coco Coir and is compatible with all nutrient programs.
  • Shelf Stable For 3 Years!
  • No Refrigeration or Special Storage Needed.
  • Not an Unstable or Inconsistent Compost Tea.
  • Guaranteed Counts of Known Microbes.

Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus Ingredients

  • Bacterial Cultures & Fungi* ....................................... 3.65%

    * Contains guaranteed and verified counts of the versatile and very unique photosynthetic bacteria Rhodopseudomonas palustris as well as many other strains of beneficial microbes. 

Microbe Life Photosynthesis Plus Application Instructions

Photosynthesis Plus is a great Foliar spray or soil drench, and can be used in soil-less or hydroponic systems.  Plants will love it with very quick results.

  • Foliar or Soil Drench Applications: Add 1 to 2 ounces of Photosynthesis Plus per gallon of water.  Use approximately 1 to 2 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet.  Apply as a light foliar or soil drench applied at your regular watering interval, or at least every two weeks. 
  • Hydroponics or Soil-less Medias: For startup or initial use on existing plants, add 2 ounces for every 5 gallons of water to hydroponic system.  Thereafter, 1 ounce for every 5 gallons added weekly or at water changes.

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