Down to Earth Kelp 20Lb

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Down To Earth’s Kelp Meal 1-0.1-2 is pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed from the clean, cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Hand-harvested, carefully dried and finely milled, DTE Kelp Meal 1-0.1-2 is an ideal nutrient supplement for all types of vegetables, herbs, flowers and perennials.
  • Stimulate root development, stops transplant shock, boosts growth, prevents fungal problems and alleviates stress caused by fluctuations in temperatures
  • Hand-harvested, carefully dried and finely milled and is perfect for use in seeding mixes and potting soils, just use 1 - 2 pounds for 100 square feet of garden soil
  • Provides a rich natural source of Potash, trace minerals, amino acids and natural plant hormones

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