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Botanicare Organicare granular organic and natural fertilizers provide the base nutritional needs for virtually any crop production program - And they’re OMRI listed! The Botanicare Organicare system consists of two products: Organicare Grow 7-6-9 and Organicare Bloom 5-7-10. The Grow formulation is used for Vegetative growth and the Bloom formulation is suited for the reproductive or Flowering/Blooming stages of growth. Supported by Hawthorne’s Research and Development teams, these products are designed to offer excellent nutritional support and and can be used with a wide variety of plants, whether grown in containers or in-ground.

The Grow and Bloom products are formulated with a blend of organic and natural materials that provide plant available nutrients. Some of these nutrients can be taken up immediately by the plant when applied, which promotes initial growth. Grow and Bloom also have nutrients that are slowly converted into plant available forms that promote sustained growth up to 4 weeks after being applied. The proprietary formulation marries various component release rates to offer superb nutrient availability. This provides growers with the flexibility they often require.

The Organicare Bloom and Grow products contain more nutrient charge than other blended organic products on the market today based on label rates. This means you get more fertilizer for your dollar with a concentrated formulation that delivers high performance for weeks at a time. These products are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate small garden enthusiasts and commercial operators alike, allowing you to grow like a pro at any scale.

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