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Benfits Of Testing With The Bluelab pH Pen

If you have grown before, you understand how fickle plants can be sometimes. They'll only thrive under very specific conditions. One of the most important aspects of your grow you need to monitor is the pH and temperature of the nutrients you feed them. If these are out of whack, it will lead to issues with uptake.

Plants can only take up nutrients when pH is in a specific range between 5.5-6.5. Any lower or higher, and certain nutrients get locked out, presenting the possibility for deficiencies. A good way to look at it is the nutrients you feed your plant are a lock, and proper pH is the key!

The Bluelab pH Pen also measures the temperature of your solution, ensuring you don't feed a solution that is too hot or cold. This can also affect nutrient uptake, but also can contribute to issues such as mold or mildew in the root zone. When paired with the Bluelab ppm / EC Pen , you'll have access to all the metrics you need for ensuring your plants are thriving, and reach their full potential!

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