Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Grow Part A 4L

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Coco Grow Part A is the first part of a unique two-part base nutrient system that can help benefit coco coir growers with absolutely any level of experience. The specially blended formula delivers humic acids, derived from natural leonardite, among other vital nutrients to promote optimal efficiency during your plant’s growth phase to ensure they reach their full potential as quickly as possible. If you follow the label directions, pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Grow Part A will keep the pH of your nutrient solution stable within a range optimal for your plant’s nutrient uptake for up to an entire week. For optimal results, we recommend using reverse osmosis (RO) water or water up to approximately 100 ppm (EC 160 μS/cm).

This product has been specially designed for use with diverse hydroponic growing media, including peat, rockwool, and expanded clay pellets, and all continuous liquid-feed growing systems such as aeroponics, drip irrigation and emitters, NFT, flood and drain, and deep water culture. Because this product also contains our proprietary pH Perfect® Technology, we’ve eliminated the need for pH and ppm metering, making pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow Part A an invaluable asset to your grow room.

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