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Ideal pH for your plants is 5.8-6.3. A pH reading out of that range indicates conditions that very much decrease your plants’ ability to take in hydroponics nutrients, grow well, and produce large harvests. If pH is too extremely out of range, your plants may die!

We advise you to do daily monitoring and adjustment of pH. Whether you’re using hydroponics, sphagnum moss, coco coir, rockwool, aeroponics, soil, or other types of gardening technology, you need a pH meter and pH adjustment formulas like Advanced Nutrients pH Down and pH Up.

  • Ensures Plant Health and Nutrient Absorption
  • Superior-grade, Pure Formula
  • Cost-effective and convenient to use

Our competitors make inferior pH adjustment products that lack consistency and contain harmful materials. But our pH Up is manufactured with relentless quality control using pure pharmaceutical grade materials.

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