Advanced Nutrients pH Up 1L

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If your plant’s pH levels are too low, you need to “ph-Up”! Advanced Nutrients pH-Up features the highest concentration levels in hydroponics. The specially formulated base nutrients make it unnecessary to stress over and monitor your pH levels daily. You may be familiar with your pH getting out of the optimal range and leading to yield-robbing problems that can afflict your garden time and time again. If you’re finding that the pH of your nutrient solution or growing medium is getting too low, pH-Up is the perfect addition to your gardening routine! Start adding pH-Up to your nutrient solution as directed on the label at the first sign of pH trouble, and make sure to monitor the pH level to keep your plants in their pH “sweet spot”. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with the results of  pH-Up, which is why our product is fully protected by our 100% money back Grower Guarantee.

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