Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit

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The Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit features a full fleet of award-winning nutrients that assist in unlocking your plant's true genetic potential.

The Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit features a curated collection of the company’s most essential products, making it more convenient than ever for the beginner grower or at-home hobbyist to succeed in achieving a bountiful harvest.


Sensi-Grow and Sensi Bloom, Parts A & B - base nutrients (1L each)

Voodoo Juice - root mass expander (500mL)

B-52 - Bud potency and stalk strengthener (500mL)

Bud Candy - Bud taste and terpene enhancement (500mL)

Big Bud - for bigger buds (500mL)

Overdrive - for bigger buds (500mL)

Trichome Magnifier



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