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A natural and organic plant food for use on tomatoes, herbs and vegetables.

A high quality, organic fertilizer with an all natural root enhancing soil microbe known as mycorrhizae (MYKOS) that helps transplants establish more quickly, flowers appear sooner and fruits and veggies ripen even earlier!

Some fertilizers add mycorrhizae in trace amounts containing less than 100 active propagules in a 4 lb bag. Each 2.2 lb bag of Old Truck Organic Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food contains at least 85,000 propagules ready to spring into action as soon as they come in contact with the roots of your plants

The calcium in this product, combined with the increased mineral uptake from the mycorrhizae, helps this product protect your tomatoes from blossom end rot.

• Always water after applying fertilizer.

• Will not burn when used as directed.

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