Microbe Life Hydroponics Photosynthesis Plus 32 oz

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Enhances plant functions at the foliar level and the root zone in both soil and soilless substrates. Enhances photosynthesis and biological function by allowing plants to capture and utilize radiant energy more efficiently. Speeds uptake and distribution of essential macro- and micronutrients required for all plant metabolic functions and growth. Promotes plant vigor and reduces input costs while increasing yields.

Use in addition to ALL nutrient and fertilizer programs for maximum yields!

All plants are live with cells requiring life-supporting essential elements provided through photosynthesis and soil root transfer via biology, i.e., carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, phosphorous cycle, and other critical reactions. The culture contained in this bottle is fermented over six days, resulting in an ecosystem in the bottle. This same culture is used on tens of thousands of acres of food crops worldwide!

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