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Aeromixer is a pump made specifically for growers, by growers, with a dual purpose: to mix nutrients, change the settings, then aerate feeding solutions with just one pump. Aeromixer makes feeding large and smaller gardens a breeze and reduces the need for air stones, air pumps, and pH up and down additives. Easily mixes large tanks while pumping up to 1/4 solids!

There are Major Benefits to the Aeromixer

  • No More Air Stones! Traditional air stones require constant replacement, and often there are a lot of nutrients left at the bottom of the tank. Problem solved with the Aeromixer's mixing ability and Aerojet technology!
  • Mix and Aerate with an all in one pump! Stop breaking up floating nutrients and unclogging cheap sump pumps. Spend that time thinning, trellising, and caring for your plants. Work in your garden not in your fertilizer tank!
  • Easily Stabalize pH! Aeromixer utilizes Patented Aerojet Technology to inject air, helping reduce the need for pH stabilizers and promoting even mixing of liquid and/or dry fertilizers in your feed tank. Aeromixer is the only mixing pump on the market that keeps nutrients mixed and aerated at the same time and distributes fertilizers evenly to your garden.

No More Wasted Nutrients!

Ensure that all of the money you spend on fertilizers and nutrients go directly where you want them. Never leave precious nutrients sitting at the bottom of your feed tank again! Get them evenly spread to all your garden for bigger yields and no more waste!

Nutrients suspended in solution

Aeromixer utilizes patented Aerojet technology to prevent nutrients from settling on the bottom of your tank. Like a supercharged airstone, our pump injects a LOT of air.

Mix, Aerate and Feed

You can use Aeromixer to feed your garden. Pumping at up to 4,450 gallons/hour (1,600 gph for the Mini), Aeromixer makes feeding fast and simple. Our pump mixes + aerates, or feeds; what more do you need?


SKU Aero50-3000(reg) Aero50-3000TT(Tall) Aero20-100(Mini)
HP 3/4 3/4 1/6
Voltage 115 115 115
Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Max Flow 4,450 GPH 4,450 GPH 1,600 GPH
Max Height 40 ft 40 ft 20 ft
Max Submersion Depth 17 ft 17 ft 23 ft.
Suction 1/4 Solids 1/4 Solids 1/4 Solids
Effective in Tanks 50 - 3,000 gallons 50 - 3,000 gallons 15+ gallons

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